LEA offers amenities “mini” products with small formats that comply with the airplane hand luggage restrictions in order to cover the shaving and personal hygiene needs during any trip.

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Brushless shaving cream. Mini Aluminium tube 8 grs
4,85 €
Its formula with Glycerine provides a smooth and lasting shave. travel size 35 ml. 10 U. Box
10,00 €
2 blades disposable razor+Mini tube brushless shaving cream 8 grs.
9,42 €
Folding Toothbrush+ Toothpaste 8 grs.
14,00 €
Dentifrice + Elixir 2 in 1, ideal for travel, helps everyday oral hygiene, and protects from bacteria. Chlorophyll Flavour for...
5,95 €
Special formula for woman ideal for travel. With Vit. E, Aloe Vera and Glycerin protects the skin with no irritation. Alcohol...
14,50 €
 Roll on deodorant for men travel size. With Vit. E , Glycerin and Aloe protects the skin with no irritation. Alcohol free....
14,50 €

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