The depilatory feminine products provide a soft and optimal shaving. All the products are designed and formulated to care the woman skin, delicate and exigent in order to flaunt the most beautiful shaving. With razor or cold wax, the perfect option for the best finish.

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  Disposable Razor for Women with two blades and a lubricating strip with Camellia extract to protect the most sensitive skins...
0,92 €
Shave Mousse Women for razor is a creamy foam that moisturizes and softens the surface layers of the skin and helps achieving a...
1,85 €
One blade disposable razors for a close shave and lubricating strip with Lubricating strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for...
1,94 €
Three blades disposable razors, pivoting head and Lubricating strip with Allantoin, Chamomille and Olive extract for sensitive...
3,00 €
Cold wax strips with Marigold extract and Grape seed oil for a perfect and long kasting results
1,95 €
Twin blade disposable razors for woman with lubricating strip for sensitive skin.
1,29 €
Three blades razor for women with rounded and pivoting head and With two lubricating bars and a lubricating strip enriched with...
5,60 €
3 blades refill for Women system specially designed for gentle, effective and safe hair removal. Its pivoting and rounded head...
5,80 €

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